April 2022: DELIVER Transnational Meeting 3 was held in the city of Hans Christian Andersen

Once upon a time, a newly formed EU partnership started collaborating while the Covid-19 pandemic was still surging. They held several meetings online, both the first transnational kick-off meeting, the second transnational meeting as well as monthly status meeting and usually with success and great outcomes. However, they hoped for the day when they all would be able to meet in person.

This day eventually came on 24 March when the partnership arrived in Odense to participate in the third Transnational Meeting of the DELIVER project and so the story begins with the first point on the agenda: to visit the brand new Hans Christian Andersen Museum. From thereon, the party moved on to a nice luncheon followed by a four-hour-meeting to discuss the termination of project tasks completed and the initiation of a new project phase with discussions on learnings objectives format, target groups and contents of training material.

As project manager, I can say it was a great pleasure finally to host a meeting where the partnership of DELIVER could meet up in real life.

– Our work is really very meta – we work daily on digital platforms, meeting partners online and aim to develop a digital skills education concept for health care personnel and managers to support their digital transformation. Yet, when push comes to shove it is a relief to get the chance to communicate and carry out discussions in the old-fashioned way, namely face to face.

– In other words, online meetings may never fully substitute the personal, physical meetings but the fact that this option exists makes ERASMUS+ projects like DELIVER realizable.

Linda Justi Project Manager DELIVER