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Please find below a list of the project work pakages that generate public deliverables.

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O1 - Needs Analysis Report

This report will outline the digital skills that diverse participatory groups consider a priority for HCPs in addition to the essential digital skills HCPs require to provide high quality health care via digital health solutions.

            O1 – Needs Analysis Report 

           Summary of IO1 & IO2 Reports


O2 – Digital and Organisational Analysis Report

This report will assess the level of digitalisation and technical support currently available in each partner country and categorise and describe the overarching factors that HCS need to have in place to ensure the advancement of digital health and the implementation of digital skills educational programs for HCPs
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O3 – Educational Program and E-learning Tools

The program will comprise of an accredited curriculum and teaching and learning material for HCPs. The elearning tools for health care managers will comprise of supportive material regarding organisational change, digital skills, leading the digital process etc.

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Output release date: February 2023

O4 – Health Care Professional Platform for Digital Skills

The knowledge sharing platform will provide open access to a) e-learning material for continuous professional development for HCPs and b) e-learning tools for health care managers.

E-Learning tool

Output release date:  30 October 2023

O5 – Policy and Implementation Recommendations

This report will provide empirical information, best practice and calls for future actions/initiatives.

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Output release date:  December 2023