October 2023: The e-learning tool with educational material on digital competencies for HCPs is now complete and available for free

It was a busy summer for the DELIVER partners. After pilot testing and adjustment the website, our partners translated the English version of the educational concept into their respective national languages: Slovenian, Italian, Spanish & Catalan – and we, the project management, into Danish.

Furthermore, our new, Danish partners Umano has worked energetically to redesign the website with a focus on optimizing the user journey and inserting “bread crumbs”, so that navigation becomes more agile in accessing the approx. 60 training micro-modules.

This meant that the site was ready to go live by the end of October 2023. After mutual agreement with our Spanish partner Tic SALUT, the web assignment was handed over to @Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation at the beginning of July.

DELIVER contains a set of e-learning material in the form of micro-modules under six themes. Five of the themes contribute to digital learning and training aimed at health professionals. The sixth is specially aimed at managers in healthcare and perhaps the most innovative theme as it depicts the .

Overall, the idea with the material is to promote the daily use and implementation of digital workflows and technology in the healthcare system.

The target group is lecturers and teachers who want to use up-to-date material in the classroom – or you can use it as self-learning and pick from the modules according to your needs and curiosity.

We look forward to sharing the training material online with you. The date will be announced here on LinkedIn.

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