March 2022: Acknowledgements and first results

A profound thank you to all of you who recently participated in the DELIVER survey and interviews! More than 500 Health Care Professionals and Health Care Managers from Italy, Slovenia, Spain and Denmark took time out during the fall and winter months 2021 to help us gather data. Thanks to their efforts, we now possess an extensive empiric data foundation to form a basis for our analyses.

Linda Andersen Justi: – We highly value your input to our needs analysis and organizational analysis, especially because you had to maneuver through extra busy schedules triggered by surging Covid-19 cases, a nurses’ strike as well as the general bustle.

Clear tendencies across our four countries are surfacing – for instance: 

– Health Care Professionals have similar needs for upskilling regardless of nationality. Thus, training of digital literacy, meaning the ability to navigate in our digital world using reading, writing, technical skills, and critical thinking; seems pivotal in order to feel safe in the pursuit of digital transformation.

– Similar observations were pinpointed, eg. the importance of foreseeing technology fatigue meaning that management must lower ambitions in terms of how many tech projects can launch at a time because it might exhaust their staff.

To establish what digital skills our health care professionals and health care managers want, data is now being processed.

Later this month, we will seek input from our quadruple helix expert panel, the Danish Reference Group and the DELIVER Partnership in order for the main points to be extracted and applied in the transnational educational program.